Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Think pink

Lately I've noticed women customising or personalising their cars. It seems to take the form of pink fluffy steering wheel and seat covers, pink tints or stripes, and stickers saying things like: flirt, tease, minx, hot, totty, whorebag. (Ok, I was making one of those up :P).

Of the drivers of these, that I've seen, they tend to be young women drivers, as you might expect.

Apart from the taste issue, ("it's all in the best posssssible taste"[/Kenny Everett] :D), I think it's kind of foolhardy to advertise your sex through your car. Who are you advertising to?

Of course, we should be able to dress how we like, get as drunk as we like, walk down dark alleys all alone, never fearing harm. But should isn't how it is.

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