Thursday, May 11, 2006

Splish splash

Last night mum was pressuring me to get S christened ("and while we're at it, might as well do T as well"). She was a bit naughty, I think, trying to get S to say she wants it, (as S has recently developed an interest in church-going and Christianity). I'm not convinced S understands well enough yet to make this sort of decision.

I always planned to let the kids make their own choices in this area, but I was thinking in terms of when they reach their teens - I wasn't expecting it this early. Mum's arguments are that:

  • - it'll be harder to enter the church if they have to start from scratch when they're older
  • - it won't do any harm if it does no good
  • - it's a good excuse for a party
  • - it's a safety net
  • - it would please Gran beyond all things.

But I figure if they find religion when they're older, they'll be prepared to go through with baptism or whatever. I don't see why not being christened as babies should be a particular obstacle to them following a faith.

Nor am I altogether convinced that S has actually "found God", but rather that she wants to be able to say what she is when she talks about religion at school, as they seem to have been doing a lot of discussion about the various religions in the past few weeks. And as far as I am aware the only guest speaker they have had was J, the local vicar.

I'm not adverse to her learning about Christianity, I'm prepared to take her to church and I think if there is a sunday school, she could go. I'll ask about that when I next see J. But I just feel resistent to the christening idea at this stage. The way I think about it, if her interest persists and she seems to really understand what it all signifies, then I guess she can have it done. (I make it sound like having her ears pierced or something :D). But Mum says that the understanding & true belief is what she would need for confirmation, rather than christening.

I'm quite in favour of a party, of course. :D

I think it's the godparents who commit themselves to lead the child in the faith. I'm not sure whether the parental contribution is merely standing there, but I would have difficulty if it required more.

Anyway, I haven't discussed this with M at all, and S and Mum haven't mentioned it today, so I think I'll stick with waiting-and-seeing what happens.


Just to add: it strikes me as odd that Mum would suddenly start on this, but I guess she seemed really shocked that I said at the hospital that we have none, when asked what our religion was for the admission sheet.

It's not like she didn't know I'm an atheist, or that she didn't know they weren't christened, tho. She said she just assumed I would say "CoE" anyway. :S


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