Monday, May 22, 2006

Reading record: Time Traveler's Wife

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife at the weekend. It was great, the best book I've read for ages, and I actually had tears in my eyes towards the end.

It usually takes a particularly moving episode of Neighbours to do that. (I jest).

I've been thinking about the story on and off since, so it's a goodie and I'm glad I read it, despite my natural anti-R&J and women's bookclubs prejudices. Although I think I first heard of it elsewhere online, as I had it on my Amazon wishlist already: I hadn't visited it for ages and had forgotten what was on there :). I did go through a stage of adding all the books that were recommended to me online to the list, so it must have been from that thread and forum.

I can take it off the wishlist now, as I don't think I feel the need to own it, presently.

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