Monday, May 15, 2006

Reading record: Books books books! (in my best Roly Mo voice)

I finished Michael Connelly's The Lincoln Lawyer on Saturday. This was a book recommended by Richard & Judy, and they set me onto him as an author. Argh. :D

I like his stuff, it's decent crime thriller fodder. I haven't yet touched the Umberto Eco's I got out, or the Audrey Niffenegger, although I did consume another Connelly yesterday, Lost Light. I'll probably read the other of his I've got, The Narrows, before I tackle the other books. I found a hidden cache of his works in the library last time we went.

I have the Asti Spumante Code to read, as suggested by A, so that's probably next in line after I read the Connelly.

Cloud Atlas still nags me from its shelf...

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Abby said...

Good to see I inspired you to read a book!

Your name on here keeps reminding me of a They Might Be Giants song that goes

"Call the men of science
and let them hear this song
tell them Albert Einstein and
Copernicus were wrong..."