Monday, May 08, 2006

My usual suite

at the hospital was unavailable, so I ended up on 3 chairs again, last night.

Marvellous service. :)

No, I do not knock the NHS as they do their bloody best by my family. :D They are generally fab and supportive, and the nurses are kind and work hard (apart from the lengthy phonecalls about their ski holidays ;) :P).

It was Mr T again, little bugger. He is out of hospital again tonight, with inhalers and evil pink medicine. S was trying to show him it's not a scary horrible thing to happen, but he is hating the spacer and its lovely drugs.

The consultant said this wheezy episode may be the first sign he is going to be asthmatic like S, but there is still the chance it was a one-off.

I find the latter very unlikely, but maybe it's cos my optimism stayed in the three chairs last night and hasn't got up yet. Fell down the large cracks, mayhap. :D

Still S is an easy asthmatic as asthmatics go, so if he is determined to follow his sister on this route, I hope he merely imitates rather than excels her.

Oh, for a put-me-up bed beside my kid's, as it was in Stoke Mandeville hospital. I didn't know how good I had it when S was ill there. :D I used to think they were a bit mean to want me to close up the bed and put it away at 7am.

I had it so good, such luxury!

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