Monday, May 29, 2006

Much trepidation

Everyone was a bit anxious about the birthday barbeque for my auntie yesterday, as there has been a family rift, over which everyone is currently skating tentatively.

M was on orders to keep an eye on stepdad, who had been fuming and fuffing over having to go. Our last visit had been without him, which had gone well, but his absence had been noted. And it would seem strange if he missed a birthday party. He was rather florid and puffed-up looking, sort of ready-to-blow, bubbling, volcanic in aspect, but nothing went pop or bang and although he and mum didn't stay all that long, they were there long enough.

We were, naturally, superb party guests. Everyone should invite us to every party anywhere. :D

The children were cheerful, cute, well-behaved and played nicely with the others: S being director of operations as the eldest. M did his usual of helping with everything: he arranged tables, set up lights and was chief chef of the barbeque. I supervised, entertained and distracted-from-evil the children, collected gran (who had almost been forgotten) and supplied both her and the little uns with the various courses.

T made me do endless circuits of the garden. Later he had an unfortunate brush with a sour cream and chives pringle, which brought him out in a mild rash. But it was short-lived, and the guilty pringles did time in other people's stomachs. M gave him some of his dairy-free chocolate, and some of the guests were cooing at him and playfully asking him for some of it, so he got down from the picnic bench and scooted over to offer them a bit, much to their amused consternation. Aaaaaaaw. (Are you sickened by all this cuteness yet?)

I didn't really get to talk to anyone much, although I'd have liked to spend some time with my cousin J and his wife, but it wasn't really possible as I was annexed by children. Later when M and I were more free to chat, he took Gran home and we had to go before he got back, unfortunately. We left when T was starting to droop. He'd done brilliantly, but it was about 9. S was still going quite happily, but she was ok about leaving. I think little Z, who was worshipping the ground S walked on, was rather sad to see us go.

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