Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The mind boggles

Not only does someone want to make their own baked beans from scratch, but someone else could provide a recipe and act as though it's perfectly sane.

Not that I'm judgemental at all. :P ;)

This is lunacy, I wish to shout! Open a tin, bung it in a pan or microwave, a few minutes and job's a good un. The way I see it, baked beans are a convenience food, not something one should labour over. Perhaps made-from-scratch gourmet baked beans are superior beans, perhaps they are healthier, but I'm severely doubting the effort is worth it.


Abby said...

I wouldn't want to make baked beans myself. Although I have just made my own shortbread out of gram flour and it's most satisfactory! That's for the boy and his snap-tin.

Hippernicus said...

Oh well done. :)

I can see the point in making your own dairy-free/gluten-free/etc stuff when there's a dietary reason for it, but to make baked beans from scratch for no apparent reason?!

Deranged! :D