Friday, May 19, 2006

Keep it real? No, you can keep it.

I can't believe Big Brother is back again. I don't understand the fascination for watching a bunch of people who (from the snippets I've seen in the past), sit around beefing about/flirting with each other, and who seem devoid of wit or intelligence. They talk for the sake of flapping their lips. It's on in the background now, while I wait for Green Wing. I can hear that there is much squealing and swearing on BB. Like hogs that have stubbed their ... trotters, I guess.

I love Green Wing. I love how surreal and mad it is. :D

Some reality shows are more watchable than others, I think. Strictly Come Dancing and Hell's Kitchen were interesting to me: I liked the effort they put in and learning a skill seems worthwhile to me.

But watching fame-hungry egotists, stuck in a house, is just tedious.


Abby said...

The first time I watched "The Green Wing" it seemed to be taking the piss out of medical students with Asperger's, and it left me cold. I wasn't in a place at the time to laugh about it, so I gave up on the show.

I agree about Big Brother. I watch it just so I have something to gossip about with Sonja, sad I know!

Hippernicus said...

I don't *think* Asperger's enters into 'Green Wing'?

It seems to me to be an exercise in the silly and surreal rather than having anything to say about real life. Like Sue White advising staff while wearing false arms or giving birth to a lion. :D

Abby said...

I probably didn't give it enough of a chance. I usually watch just a bit of a new show and if it doesn't grab me I give up.