Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I know where you live

Much excitement today online due to a site called b4usearch. They were all looking up famous people and themselves.

Well, I say they, but I did look myself up and a friend or two :). I wasn't there, or certainly not at our present address.

I don't think it's as dangerous as some were making out: all the information is culled from the electoral roll, as far as I can tell. But I guess that it is very immediate, and that might be what is alarming about it. After all, I suppose we may think of the electoral roll as a big wadge of paper that takes time and effort to go through. But a search engine makes all the information readily and almost instantly available.

I found A's info through her husband's name. Not that I needed to, as I already know where she lives. :D Just exercising the search engine, although the amount of hits they must have got today must be boosting their site income (if that's how site income works; I may well be completely off-base about that. I have passing little knowledge of this mighty medium and how it sustains itself). Couldn't find W for love nor money. Well, I didn't actually try the money angle, as I did find mention of her on 192, but I'm not willing to cough up the dough to get further than "we have an entry for that name": just vaguely curious about what she's up to these days.

I dreamt about her last night, which is probably why I did the stalkerish thing :D. I also dreamt about S persistently running into the road and being very stroppy/self-righteous about it. :S

Oh but what a lovely sleep I had. M woke me up offering sexual favours when he got home last night, but I callously rejected him, spurned, turned him away, broke his little heart. :D (Not really).

Some were anxious to remove themselves from the site, but apparently the link the site gives asks them to give more personal information before it will agree to remove them. Ahem. I think legally if you request to be removed they have to do it, so maybe they want to put people off by making them jump through hoops to get removed?

[Menacing tone] I know where you live [/menacing tone].

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