Friday, May 26, 2006

And relax...

I've had a bit of an energetic day: went to the gym and for a swim this morning, then took T to his swimming lesson, while S played in the small pool.

I did some weight machines as well as the cross-trainers etc today. Had to keep reminding myself not to be embarrassed at doing small weights: it's repetitions I'm after, and toning. :D And I don't suppose anyone was remarking on what I was doing anyway. :D How egotistical would it be to think no-one has anything better to do than criticise my training?! :D I'd definitely done enough for my level of fitness anyway (which is not good :)), cos my muscles were protesting.

As for T's swim class, it was a huge turnaround from our previous attempts: the first couple of times he screeched and clung on like a limpet, so spent very little time at all in the water. The third time, he went in and was reasonably happy but still held on for grim death. Today, he was splashing, laughing and kicking his legs with joy. :D I even got to glide him through the water and do the actions for the songs, so his confidence has grown hugely.

S was happy, doing her darnedest to swim in the small pool, and she's not far off getting it. We haven't been swimmming for ages, so I was very impressed. :) I am considering whether to join her up as a member, as it is our closest pool and most convenient. But it is fairly expensive. And will we be around to use it?

I think if we do move, it is likely I would keep her at her present school even after the summer holidays, if at all feasible, so we could go there after school or on weekends, as we're bound to spend a lot of time over here, anyway.

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