Friday, April 07, 2006

Books and R&J

I actually read a book that was recommended by Richard & Judy and suggested by an online bookclub at a forum I used to frequent! I always think I might join in with a bookclub, but never seem to end up reading the book. They tend to list chick lit, and chick lit generally irritates me.

I hate stories of misunderstandings between lovers etc, which would simply be solved by the people talking to each other instead of getting in big hufties over dopey ideas.

I started Cloud Atlas, but I've never got over some sort of weird snobbery thing about it being recommended by Richard & Judy. It took me ages to bring myself to start it. Although I enjoyed what I have read of it so far, it has failed to keep me hooked enough to finish, and that's pretty unusual. I tend to finish books no matter how bad they are, (not that I think Cloud Atlas is bad at all). I just seem to have a mental block about it.

Since I actually bought it, it would be nice if I read the thing.

Still, I read Memoirs of a Geisha today and enjoyed it, although the character of Sayuri annoyed me in some respects: her passivity and self-absorption. Although perhaps a geisha would require those qualities? I also felt the story petered out somewhat. That said, I did enjoy it and consumed it quickly.

I also read a book by Michael Connelly A Darkness More Than Night, and he was an author R&J had on their list.

So does this mean I am an avid (or rabid) R&J fan?! How do I know they suggested a book of his? How do I know they recommended Golden's book and Cloud Atlas?

I must be sadder than I realised previously. Or are R&J not so alien after all? Maybe I am their audience?!

(Obviously, I'm not their entire audience :D). And I don't watch them usually, but I guess it's been on while I've still been in the same room. Damn "Deal or No Deal"... I don't know why I like that show. Not only does it have Noel Edmonds in it, the game is pure chance, no skill whatsoever.

Anyhow, I enjoyed Connelly's crime thriller: it was so much grist to the mill. I thought it was pretty formulaic, but good enough to want to read more of his stuff. Hence, I have his City of Bones waiting for me. I'll probably read all I can get of his from the library, if this one is similarly enjoyable.

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