Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The burgeoning Christian in my house...

Last week my mum hauled out of the attic books from both our childhoods. It was amazing - I recognised so many of them like old friends. :) It was fun rooting through them.

There was a children's bible and some prayer books, which are good for my small, wannabe Christian.

Although she forgot about church on Sunday due to pagan egg-citement. We had egg hunting, egg painting, egg rolling (or rather, bombardment) and of course, chocolate egg eating.

Perhaps I should have reminded her of church, but I think I've done well taking her several weeks running and helping her with prayers everyday. It's not really a huge hardship to go there with her: I enjoy the time we spend alone together, on the walks there and back. It's rare enough for it to be just me and her. But I am an atheist and so it feels odd to be participating in church services.

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